Making a Difference

Our mission at The Right to Work CIC is focused on making a difference in the lives of those with learning disabilities. Working with local businesses, we provide meaningful opportunities for our ‘Supported Volunteers’ to contribute their talents, enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills whilst at work – in doing so individuals are making a valuable contribution to the community.

Our Story

After many years working in education, specialising in Learning Disabilities and autism, our founder, Debbie Lyall, was aware of how few good opportunities existed for her students upon leaving college. The more able amongst the students were unable to obtain suitable work and had nothing to do year after year, those who were less able often faced many days each week spent at home or within the more traditional day services which were often passive and unchallenging. Debbie created The Right to Work (TRTW) in October of 2012, starting with work at Staunton Country Park. She and 8 Supported Volunteers completed a variety of jobs within the park – the provision has grown a bit since then!

Meaningful Work for Meaningful Lives

“I had witnessed over a long period how few good opportunities were available to these wonderful people and yet I knew how much they can achieve when given the opportunity and appropriate support.” – Debbie Lyall

Lives for people with learning difficulties have many challenges, Special schools have wide catchment areas, few individuals travel independently, these factors make maintaining friendships a challenge. The Right to Work teams work alongside like-minded peers, most live locally, resulting in valued friendships being formed. Many of our team members meeting up in the evenings and weekends.

TRTW arrange regular team events in the evenings – Bingo and Quiz nights to Discos and Barbecues.